BEES nest on a USAirways plane


Their is a bees nest on the left wing of a USAirways A319


That actually appears to be a swarm, which is a little different than a nest. Bees swarm when one of 2 competing queens leaves an existing hive to begin her own hive. The workers that follow her completely surround her whenever she lands (like the Beatles times ten). If they wanted to, USAirways could hire a beekeeper (cheaply) and hoist him up to the wing, where he could reach into the swarm and remove the queen. The swarm would be gone in minutes. Not my kinda job, but I’ve seen it done without hesitation.

I hope my father reads this, so he realizes that his 30,000 that went towards my otherwise meaningless Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation turned into a meaningful .02. This one’s for you, Dad!! :wink:


Get that baby up to rotation speed, and you won’t have a bee problem anymore. :wink:


Southwest periodically has this problem in Burbank, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.


Better than snakes on a plane. :wink:


Well done. :smiley: