Bear attacks parked airplane for food inside . . .

AvWeb Photos and brief story . . .

That is crazy! Bears will do anything if they even smell food. :open_mouth:

Uhhhhh, the back half of that gun case is missing! RUN!!! The bears have guns!!!

I thought I had posted those here last week? I guess not.

My friend lives in Wasilla and his mechanic took those pictures before repairs so he could get it home. The aircraft was stuck in Pilot Point south of King Salmon. The plane was parked next to the Meat House and smelled of fish.

I think that is a bow case. Correct me if i’m wrong.

It’s a rifle case
You can fit more then one rifle in it

With scopes mounted.

As others noted it’s only approx. 2/3 of the case.

I ain’t never seen a rifle case like that before… I guess that bear wanted that tail number for his plane? :laughing:

its a pistol case, you can fit more than i piston in it.
its a food case, you can fit more than i meal in it.
its a anything you want case to put anything that will fit in it if you want.

what we call plane, the bear calls a lunch box.

Kinda dumb… :unamused:

“I know what this is. It’s an espresso machine. No, it’s a snow cone maker. Yeah , that’s it.” (name the flick)

True Lies

I still think that is a bow case. How does a rifle fit in that? :confused:

Look Now

Now I see. I thought it was bigger than what it is in that other picture.

Holy crap. That is funny. That picture needs to go to Mythbusters. That is one they should have done on their “duct (duck) tape” special.

It’s Kolpin Gun Boot and you’re only seeing a portion of it Will.

Where was JHEM with his speed tape? That repair is probably stronger than the original fabric. :laughing:

Dayem, guess they won’t have to worry about that door popping open in flight!

It’s definitely thicker! :open_mouth: