Beano is better


A jetliner from Washington DC made an emergency landing Monday in Nashville after passengers smelled matches being struck, a Nashville airport spokeswoman said.

AA flight 1053—apparantly…this woman had gas, tried to cover the odor by light matches.

Gas X or Beano was probably a much better choice.



I got this one Dami, JHEM, cfijames, etc., etc., etc.

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Now, for the MEANT TO BE HUMOROUS (wouldn’t want to set anyone off on a power trip or anything)…

Dude, you are so like 2 days behind…

It’s in the Aviation News forum (currently, first thread)


woops, completely missed that it was previously posted. okay, going back to my 2 day old newspaper now. everyone feel free to ignore the newbie to the forums. the boredom of sitting at TPA’s cell phone lot must have been going to my head.


Gotta give him credit for the humorous subject line though. It is much better than the “Plane diverted after passenger lights matches” tag.

Welcome, gavitpa!


Definately, the subject header was outstanding.

Of course, now knowing that he is in Tampa explains why he was behind on the story…oh wait, that is just the Bucs that are always behind…


Oh sure…bring the poor Bucs into it. :slight_smile:

I was hoping the beano subject would get some laughs…I might be behind in the news (not usually), but darn it I’m witty!


I love TPA’s free wireless. Does it work all the way out in the cell phone lot!?


Yes…actually, they have the terminal and airside buildings set up with free wireless and they have the cell phone lot set up with free wifi as well…as a matter of fact I am sitting here now in the cell phone lot…(I’m a limo driver so I am here a lot)


So what you are saying is that you sit in a lot a lot…

OK, that was bad, I know, but I am bored because our inventory/sales systems just crashed so I have nothing better to do right now except watch my father in-law get a NICE tailwind (264kts in a PA46) on his way down to, what do you know, KSPG…


How… civilized!

PHL has a lot that barely qualifies as a cell phone lot. Not only is it OFF the airport property, but as cell phones rarely work inside the PHL terminals, no one can call you upon arrival anyway.


Well, you know, that is why TPA is “America’s Favorite Airport” and the “#1 User-Friendly Airport in the Country” and all of that other tpa-lovefest propaganda they like to feed us around here…(it is a very nice airport…and the eye-candy at the Jet Center isnt bad either)


You’re not gidding about the eye candy.