BAW 747-400 to Victorville

another Speedbird 744 stored … /EGFF/KVCV

According to, a flight BAW9150 was flown today from London to Cardiff, Wales by G-BNLV.

So it’s probably the one in California now.

That is one good picture… See the Captain and FO’s head. :stuck_out_tongue:

What are these 744’s being replaced with?

Seems such a shame to park these beauties.

I don’t think that BA has taken any recent deliveries, there just isn’t demand for them in the current economy. Replacement aircraft will be B77W and A388.

And what a shame that is. The 747-8 would have looked so nice in BA colors.

It’s the kind of shot every photographer wants to get but probably never will. A combination of luck and skill…