Barrow, AK (PABR) Airport Name

I noticed the Barrow, AK airport is named Barrow Airport on FlightAware instead of Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial (the official name). This causes the redundant “Barrow Airport Airport” to be shown when you go to the live flight tracking page for the airport. It would make more sense to either rename the airport Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial in the FlightAware database or drop the “Airport” on the current name in the database to where it’ll display just “Barrow Airport” when you go to the live tracking page for the airport. Thanks!

I updated the displayed name. It’s a bit long, but there’s no good way to abbreviate.

Great, now I’m going to get that confused with KPWA & KOKC :confused:

Just kiddin’ :laughing:

What’s to get confused about? Just think of PABR as being a liberal politically correct airport that doesn’t want to offend anyone so they named the airport after both people.

I think of PABR as the closest ICAO code any airport will have to becoming Pabst Blue Ribbon. :wink: