Banner ad in own window

Not sure if you folks have control of this, but I noticed that much(all?) of the time when clicking an ad from the map window the advertisers web page opens in the map window. I would rather have them open in their own new window.

Saw an ad for a product that I was genuinely interested in, so clicked the ad, but since it filled the map window I could not see the whole page, URL, menu to save to favorites or any of the things that I needed to see, not to mention it overwrote a map that I was watching. (Before any of the internet gurus reply, I know I could probably get creative and get the address various different ways, but I don’t WANT to do that. I WANT to just click and see it in a new window…)

Do you FA guys have control of which window the ad uses, or is that something that comes with the ad? If you have control, can you look into it.

That’s a very good point, we don’t have direct control over it but I’m sure we could pass it on and get some sort of resolution to make it more useful for the advertisers.

I was afraid that you might not have the control of it…

But I would appreciate it if you pass it on. Not only is it bad manners to overwrite it’s hosting app window, they do their own client wrong by not letting a potential customer get the information they need to make a purchase since it was not in a full browser window at the time.

Completely off the subject, but another case of bad advertising that I saw today just came to mind that I’ll share: Was walking past a “big & tall” clothing shop and they had two huge signs in the window that said:


  • Select sizes and colors ONLY.**

I just about died laughing… Sounds like a guarantee they’ll never have to pay out on… :laughing:

Seriously? You can’t control the advertising banners? How come I can upgrade other apps to a “Pro” level and eliminate these irritating features?

Let’s get with it Flightaware. You have a great App that is becoming an annoyance with banner adds about how Obama passes HARP.