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I have just tested my feeder set up for an hour on mobile hotspot and it came in at 83mb for the hour it was connected, is this right or is something amiss?

Nothing else was connected to the hotspot & the PI is running the below


I do have darkstat installed, but it was not running for this test.

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I feed FA only on 4G feed. With MLAT turned off, it uses about 20Mb/day.

How does ZeroTier work? Is it a ‘man-in-the-middle’ setup??
If so, it’ll use a small amount of data ideling and quite a lot when you are logged in.

You are feeding three aggregators, plus zerotier, so your consumption looks ‘about right’.

Yeah I presume zerotier is a man in the middle setup so to speak its just for remote logging in to check graphs ect.

I was going to use a hot-spot for it but if it’s going to use 2gb per day then it’s not going to work as currently the Internet connection it’s on has an ongoing fault with it and it’s really affecting the down time to FR24 ect

There are some tweaks for adsbexchange you can do.


in there change the reduce interval to 2.0 and see how that affects things.
Next you can disable adsbexchange / FA MLAT which will further reduce bandwidth.

FR24 showing downtime doesn’t always mean you have internet connection issues, their stats sometimes just don’t work.

Hi @wiedehopf will look into the mlat off and the adsbx update setting.

The FR24 outage blanks correspond with the Internet going down at the same times over the past week

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