Bad week for Continental


First there was the pilot who passed away in flight. Earlier today there was a Continental Saab340 that landed at KIAH after there was a bomb threat. It landed safely and soon after the threat was canceled. … /KTYR/KIAH


Regis was dissing them this morning after one of his bags were lost on a trip to Florida. NetJets salespeople call Regis!


Now Regis is dising them. WHAT A WORLD


[pointing and laughing at wazzu] You watch “Regis & Kelly”…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[/pointing and laughing at wazzu]

Just giving you a hard time…


NOT ME I was being sarcastic. I watch Mike and Mike, Sportscenter, and NESN. :open_mouth:


post above edited to refer to proper person…


I know who it was for. I wanted you to point it out. :smiling_imp:

  1. Colgan Air operates the SF340’s under the Continental label.
  2. I was at an FBO where the tv was on.
  3. I can take a joke (better than most) but your attempt at humor really wasn’t very clever. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re invited to try again, bring it on!

Relative to the topic, I heard a news story on Fox Radio News today about the dead pilot. They said the other pilot made a PA for a doctor and a pilot. I highly doubt this happened.


It took you long enough to reply. Were you too busy watching The View while pika was having his fun? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Just kidding, wazzu90. We all have our vices.)


See, that was much better. Obviously, as a fan of the Simpsons (assumed) you know good humor. :laughing:


The older Simpsons not the newer ones they suck!