Bad news! FlightAware is temporarily unavailable glitch

For some reason, when I try to track M & N Equipment, flight 8 (code JNH8), I get the message, “Bad news! FlightAware is temporarily unavailable.” However, I have tracked this flight in the past, and I still receive flightaware alerts about it, and can even track it by searching by city pairs in the “Don’t know the flight #?” button. Why do I get the error message when I try to track it the normal way?

Maybe the wind in CPR is getting to you. :smiley:

I just tracked it fine. Georgia to Orlando.

You need to go to the main FlightAware page to search. The search boxes on the left in the forum are broken.


And you CANNOT click on the FlightAware logo in the upper left of the discussions screen because it takes you back to the discussions. You must click on either the “live flight tracking” at the top of the page or enter the address in your address bar.