Bad fuel in New Braunfels Texas?

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In court filings, the city alleges NB Aero is required to buy, store and sell only a particular brand of fuel, called Avgas, and to keep records of those transactions. But last week, the city claims, the company bought a different type of fuel, tried to hide that purchase, and has stored it in Avgas containers, creating cross-fuel contamination.


Typical news media, the last I heard Avgas was not a brand.
Otherwise that sucks, who knows what you are buying and who is supplying them?


The city airport management and city has had it in for NB Aero for years. The fuel delivery truck was placarded 1268 petroleum distillates instead of 1203 gasoline this was March 5th. The city saw this as a chance to break the lease. They filed a TRO on the 9th. Seized tanker. NB Aero sent the fuel to an independent lab and the results were given to us March 16. The city has yet to reveal the results. Why? Because they know that they may be on the hook for unnecessary maintenance to our aircraft. Drain, purge refill.FOIA, Freedom of information act papers were filed. No answers from city for fuel test results. City claims criminal investigation prevents release. Then they say they don’t have results. Coverup in works. Now trying to fix blame on delivery tanker.

For more google city trying to close FBO and

Lots of juicy stuff.

Local pilots got front page in local paper. Give us fuel results.

When the city manager writes as a Guest columnist you know they are scared.

San Antonio express-news to have article Monday.

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My friend lost his life in this accident Click Here after getting Jet A1 in a DC-3.

I stopped a ramp rat years ago when I realized he was pumping Jet A1 into a piston Aero Commander 500 - he already had over 60 gallons mixed in with the AvGas!!

I recall Bob Hoover having a real emergency landing after his Commander was fueled with Jet A1!!! Fortunately it was Bob Hoover and he made a safe emergency landing.


If you read the story, and listened to the background, you would realize this had nothing to do with cross contamination or another other problem with fuel. This sounds like a political feud between the city, airport manager, and FBO. The truck driver accidently having the wrong DOT placard showing was just an excuse.


That’s what happens when your rushing out the door - there was a helicopter over the weekend that was given the wrong fuel!!!, I was thinking the story was related.

Story was taken too long to download for me, and I moved on!!!

Caught me off guard - sorry :frowning:

Not to mention the cool photo of the SJ-30 throws me off everytime :slight_smile:


NEWS_ New Braunfels, TX BAZ

The city has backed out of its deal to return the fuel truck and allow NB Aero to begin selling fuel.


The city of New Braunfels has reversed itself. They now refuse to release the tanker and are going all out to close this fine customer oriented family business.


Using Chicago style tactics the greedy city management has unleashed a barrage of TAXPAYER PAID LAWYERS against NB Aero.


The city council has exercised no oversight of city management by allowing this to occur.


The city refuses to offer proof of its allegations. Instead claiming safety of flight and hiding results under “crimminal investigation” if its unsafe prove it. Show us test results.

An investigation is in order. Not of NB Aero but of the corrupt city officials carrying out this atrocity.


Using Chicago style tactics the greedy city management has unleashed a barrage of TAXPAYER PAID LAWYERS against NB Aero.


Chicago style tactics would be taking the thing and then giving the contract for the sale of fuel to a buddy who was a big supporter. They never would have reversed themselves. You amateurs in Texas need some work before you want to claim “Chicago style tactics”



No, Chicago style would have been blowing up your truck and business one night and coming to your house and cracking your skull.


No, Chicago style would have been plowing under the FBO and painting XXXes on it!


You WIN! :laughing:


But it’s ok because it was abandoned! Never mind all the airplanes that were parked there. Including the Chicago Fire Department helicopters!

I fly over about once a week, and it still makes me sad. So very happy that I was there many times before the crime was committed.


The city of New Braunfels charges the FBO of selling contaminated fuel.THIS IS FALSE . It is an attempt by the city to gain control of fuel sales and break the lease of NB Aero. NB Aero Fuel analysis checks good. City still holding their results secret. Claiming criminal investigation of trucking company that delivered fuel. This is the latest attempt at harrassment by city. DON"T BUY CITY FUEL. Go someplace else.



Yup. That’s the winner. I stand corrected. :slight_smile:


New Braunfels has the best Texas Dance hall.
Gruene Hall is the oldest continually running dance hall in Texas and the best place to suck down a cold Shiner Bock and listen to bands like the Gourds, REK and the rest of the Tejas music scene


I lived in Lockhart, TX until my divorce a couple of years ago, and YES, this is the oldest and best dancehall in Texas. By the way, Lockhart is the BBQ Capital of Texas. I miss living there a whole bunch. God Bless Texas!