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Backup of Piaware

how do i find my piaware edit files so i can make a backup in case My pi4 crashes
for example I have copy of RBfeeder.ini and f424deed.ini
I had installed the Piaware via command Wget from the instructions page when i had purchased the PI and Installled Buster

The files you are looking for are in /etc

can you give me the full path?

That is the full path.

Change into that directory, then you will find the files you are looking for.

Are you familiar with a Linux box?

I’m newbie with the PI

Ok understood

But you know how to log in via SSH?

If yes, you need to change to the folder using

cd /etc

If you then use the command


You will find a list of all files you have in that folder
In there you will also find the ini files you are talking above.

In case you want to copy the files over to your PC (assuming you are using Windows) you can download and use the WinSCP application.
This is offering a two panel file manager where you can easily copy the files over to your PC.

Be aware that the other way round (restore from PC to Pi) needs a bit more work as write access to that folder requires root permissions. In this case you can copy them to the home of the Pi user and later move it using a SSH terminal.

I highly recommend to run some dry tests getting familiar with it for beeing prepared for the worst case scenario

For a typical package install, /etc/piaware.conf and /etc/default/dump1090-fa are the main config files. You only need to back these up if you’ve modified them.

You may also want to record your feeder UUID, which is shown on your site stats page or by running piaware-status.

I like to make things easy for myself so I keep another MicroSD Card in a USB->MicroSD Card adaptor permanently plugged into a USB port on my Pi4.

Then on a backup schedule or always before I update anything I use SD Card Copier on the Pi and clone the system card to the one in the USB port which takes me @10 mins.

That way if anything goes wrong for whatever reason I power off, swap the cards over, power back on and Boom! I’m back in business.

I RDP into my Pi’s and so run SDCard Copier from the Accessories menu but I believe if you use SSH you can also clone the system card to the one in the USB port from the command line.

Hope that helps?


There’s another thread on this regarding “performing an image backup over the network while the device is running”.

Haven’t tried it yet, but it might work.

What i am using for my local Nextcloud instance to a network drive is Borg-Backup.
Takes a little time to set everything up, but works perfect.
There is no ready-to-run package for Raspberries, but the source code is available