BA2016 not showing GIG to LHR


Unable to see the BA2016 GB Olympics Team flight from Rio scheduled to arrive Tuesday morning ?

Team GB depart on flight BA2016 from Rio de Janeiro on Monday August 22 and land into Heathrow Terminal 5 on Tuesday August 23 at 9.55am to an invite-only media reception.

British Airways G-CIVA B744 Boeing 747-436 Golden Nose Olympics 2016 Livery


Should be trackable here once it’s off the ground in a few minutes:


BAW2016 Departed 19:50 Brazilia time. No destination code though ?

BA Twitter : Capt Hawkins has confirmed flight BA2016 is officially homeward bound @TeamGB #greattobeBAck

FlightAware couldn’t find flight tracking data for BAW2016 just yet.

Please double-check the flight number/identifier. If you typed it in correctly and it’s still not showing up, or you’re not completely sure of the flight number, you should use the Flight Finder. If you know the origin and destination of the flight, it will help you find the proper flight number/identifier.

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No worries - off to bed !