BA flight overshoots runway in Miami with Tony Blair aboard

Sounds like a complete non-news story that is only in the new because Tony Blair was on the plane. Besides, it looks like the plane didn’t really “overshoot” the runway:

*The pilot stopped the plane at the end of the runway because he could not see the lights to the taxiway, British Airways spokesman John Lampl said.

“Apparently they’re doing some resurfacing work and relighting, so the lighting was poor. Just to err on the side of caution, the captain decided to stop at the end of the runway and called the tower,” Lampl said.*

Also of note, why would you have to be towed if you were under your own power?

The plane, with passengers inside, was towed to the terminal on its own power without incident.

Silly media. … e_blair_dc

That article seems to give a more realistic perspective on what happened.

Sounds to me like they just rolled into the overrun at the departure end of the runway…probably due to that out of service lighting. Anyone check the NOTAMS on this one? If there wasn’t one before, I bet there is now. A SNAFU involving the prime minister of the UK will do that.

What will happen to the pilot? Shurley he wont be fired will he???

For such a minor incident, very doubtful, unless he or she has some sort of history. Even then, though, this wasn’t that much of an incident, and the plane was even allowed to depart shortly thereafter.

I’m sure if Tony Blair wasn’t on board, it wouldn;t even be a news story!

Yep, the plane and the pilots were allowed to depart. After all, this isn’t Brazil, is it?