BA E-Jets


How can Embraer build the jet so quick? according to the article ( … faqid=7585), BA will recieve the jets in September 2009. Is it b/c they are small?


That’s still 9 months - plenty of time to build the aircraft.

The production rate for the 737 1997 was 10 per month. During the same year, Boeing was making 4 747’s, 757’s, and 767’s each month. The 777 was being made at the rate of 5 per month.

The order could have been placed months ago but just now being announced. That would have given them a lot of time to build the aircraft.


so a small aircraft like the E190 could be built from scratch within 9 months?


Thought that’s what I said.

The E190 isn’t really that small of an aircraft - it seats, what, around 100 or so pax?


IIRC, E170 around 80 - 85, E190 seats about 100-105. The E190 is comparable (length and wingspan) to the A318. The A318 has it beat in wingspan, but is 3 meters shorter than the E190. The A320 is 1m longer.