BA 2276 Las Vegas Fire Update

I live in Las Vegas, and frequently drive past McCarran airport and still see the BA 777 sitting over in the freight area. After seeing some of the pictures taken shortly after the occurance, I have a funny feeling that bird isn’t gonna fly again. Just curious if anybody knows anything further on the status of the aircraft…


The LVRJ had an article on it a couple of days ago (I’m split between Vegas and Sacramento).

It isn’t going anywhere, as the aircraft is deemed no longer airworthy. BAW is being charged $375/day to park it. … -las-vegas


Thanks! didn’t know about the RJ article…
Wow! that “parking charge” adds up FAST… I’ve watched videos of old aircraft being ripped apart at the storage area at Mojave airport, but I don’t think McCarran management would let that happen on site… At least BA can strip it for one good engine, and the cockpit and whatever else they can get off of it… Should be interesting to see what happens…

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Photos taken 1/3/2016 @ VCV by Mark Ollier (Thanks so much Mark for allowing me to share your © photos here). by MARK OLLIER, on Flickr (1) by MARK OLLIER, on Flickr

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