B757 N226G at KBTM


Does anyone know what this aircraft is configured for? Cargo or passengers? It is registered to a company in Helena, Montana.

It visited Butte, Montana today on its way from Raleigh to PDX. We were also visited by a C 17, quite a day for a small airport.


Here’s a history of the aircraft:

Date Registration Remarks
01/12/1992 C-GTSF rgd to Air Transat A.T. Inc.
10/12/1992 C-GTSF del Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
10/12/1992 C-GTSF lt Air Transat.
16/05/2001 C-GTSF ret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
16/05/2001 C-GTSF registration cancelled.
16/05/2001 N38383 bt AWMS III.
16/05/2001 N38383 lt Raytheon E-Systems Inc.(from AWMS III).
01/06/2001 N38383 ferried Tulsa-Greenville (TX) in all white c/s & Raytheon titles in the tail.
22/01/2002 N38383 bt Raytheon Services LLC.
21/01/2003 N38383 bt L-3 Capital LLC, Helena, MT.
21/01/2003 N38383 lt COMCO.
30/01/2003 N38383 rgd to L-3 Capital LLC, Helena, MT.
06/02/2003 N226G L-3 Capital LLC; re-rgd.
27/03/2004 N226G at Tulsa in all white c/s & COMCO titles in tail.

(source: b757.info/CN/25491.htm )

I pretty sure it is configured for VIP passengers and not cargo.


Thanks. I’m guessing a fuel stop as it was only here for an hour, although a fuel stop doesn’t seem to be necessary.

The C 17 is buttoned up and looks like it will stay the night.


A search at www.airliners.net shows this N226G in “Comco” livery as recently as November 2005.



It landed in Butte again a few minutes ago, 2/17 from Mobile. I watched it land.


Mobile has a really great interior/paint shop for planes like that.