B752 at KBGR


This has been at Bangor for a few days now. I went over by and the aircraft pictured isn’t there. It looks as though there is an Allegiant tail but can’t see tail numbers. Did Allegiant upgrade to some bigger planes to possibly add more routes?

Yes, they acquired 757s primarily for Hawaii flights but haven’t started service yet.
blog.seattlepi.com/aerospace/201 … i-to-2012/

I guess the question is did they lease them to Thomson in the meantime?

According to liebhomeradar TOM9258 was G-BYAO

2012/03/03 14:24 TOM9258 TOM9258 - G-BYAO Thomsonfly B752
2012/03/02 16:21 TOM9258 TOM9258 - G-BYAO Thomsonfly B752

so the AAY is still a mystery - all KBGR arrivals and departures show on FA as MadDogs.

The Facebook fan page (facebook.com/FlyBGR) for KBGR has a couple pictures posted of it in Allegiant livery.

So one and the same. This aircraft was supposedly returned by TOM to the lessor, sold to AAY and registered N905NV. It’s till registered to TOM on the UK register so the above obviously didn’t happen; if it’s flying for AAY under a TOM flight number that sounds like an ACMI deal.