B-17 at KROA misidentified?

Just saw a B-17 landing at Roanoke, VA. Flight Aware correctly identified it as a B-17, but shows the registration as N3037G. I wonder if the correct registration is N3703G. I would like to track this flight around the area, but I think N3037G is a crop duster. Not so interesting.

I suspect the wrong tail # was entered by ATC; past flights for this aircraft can be seen at flightaware.com/live/flight/N3703G/history

(I’m not sure why there are a bunch of recent flight plans filed to Japan; that’s a bit odd)

If you’re hoping to track the plane while it’s flying around locally, giving rides and such, I’m afraid we won’t be much help. Those will be VFR flights, which we only sporadically track, and short local hops like that are the least likely to appear.

Thanks. That’s very helpful. Yeah, I was surprised to see the B-17 on FlightAware at all. Those Japan flight plans are goofy – none of the actual flights was more than 30 minutes. The plane is touring around giving rides, so that’s probably what they were doing… but Japan? I understand that VFR flight plans are meaningless, but still.

Thanks again for your reply.