Awkward Flight Paths

heres one from MCI to STL

Why is is flying around the big storm?

feel free to post some wierd flights youve found!

So it doesn’t damage (or destroy) the airplane and scare (or kill) the customers.

Actually president Bush was in Jefferson City, MO so there was a 60nm diameter TFR that day

What’s TFR?

Temporary Flight Restriction.

Not sure, but I think airlines are more-or-less allowed through the TFRs while under ATC control, other than keeping out of the immediate area of the Prez.

You know how they’re worded: “Unless authorized by ATC”. If they had to keep a 30 mile radius completely clear around a major area for that long then everything would come to a BIGGER standstill.

Anybody know for sure what the usual routine is?

I’m pretty sure you are correct, however, maybe the southwest flight’s dispatch didn’t get prior ATC clearance, so they were vectored like that… I don’t see why thunderstorms would create such a large deviation in the flight path… I know I’d be one upset passenger on that flight… By the time they went through security, drove to the airport, checked bags, you could have drove the 3 hours to STL :laughing:

Despite the round-about-way it went, they still were wheels down only 9 minutes after SWA’s scheduled arrival time. If they the length of time for taxiing to the gate was less than 6 minutes, then correct me if I’m wrong but it’s still considered an on-time flight. I would also assume that this flight would mostly be a carryon only flight (late commuters).

…they still were wheels down only 9 minutes after SWA’s scheduled arrival time

On time is considered to be within 15 minutes of scheduled departure or arrival time.

My experience with SWA is that they “put the pedal to the metal” when they are running late. I was on one flight from ONT to OAK that left about 30 minutes late due to the incoming flight being late. We arrived at OAK only 10 minutes late. Usually when at altitude I don’t get a feeling of speed. This time, though, I could feel the speed!

Did this flight have an in-flight emergency and have to land in
Atlantic City? The flight pattern looks like they were burning
off all the excess fuel (this flight’s final destination is Sacramento)
in preparation for an emergency landing. Was this the case?

It’s destination on that leg was PHL, not Sacramento, so it is almost as if they were put in a holding pattern and had to finally divert to ACY due to lack of fuel or some other reason.

Here’s a few out of DFW:


Click in this link to see training flights out of DFW for the day you click on the link:

BUT CHECK THIS ONE OUT!!! :open_mouth:


Here’s the conversation that went on in the cockpit:
Pilot: I thought you said you knew where we we going.
Copilot: I did. I could have sworn Ottawa was right there.
Pilot: Well, I don’t see it.
Copilot: Let’s just try going behind that cloud up just one more time.

(Yes, I know the real reason why the flight logs like that)