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AWE A319 "tethered" to the ground

Leaving Philly the other night we taxied all the way down and around the end of 9L. As we passed cargo, I noticed an AWE A319. Fuselage was still in AWE livery but logo on the tail was gone. Odder, still, concrete blocks were positioned to the right and left of the rear galley doors and the two forward doors. Attached to the blocks were orange “tethers” that were attached to point on the fuselage in relation to the blocks position. Engines were still attached. Anyone in the know as to what the fate of this bird is?

Did you observe a trail of ants into and out of the carcass?

I’ll give that a 5… with a very poor rimshot…

It probably would have been worth more money if it were in America West livery. :wink:


That’s a 6… and a rimshot… and ya know they do have an A320 in AWE retro… it’s wasn’t this bird, though…