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Good morning everybody. Is the aviation newsletter actually still being sent out? I’m set to receive the newsletter daily and haven’t gotten one for a while. It has been sporadic previously as well but then seemed fine for a while.

Nothing in my junk folder either, and the email address is correct in my account. Are others getting the newsletter and/or having problems?


Moi aussi j’ai pas reçu de newsletter depuis le 03 FEB 2015. Si il y a un problème on devrais nous avertir. André

The newsletter had a problem last week, my apologies. It’s fixed now (since Friday).

Le newsletter ont eu un problem hier semaine, mes excuses. C’est fixent maintenant (depuis vendredi).

I got it again this morning, thanks. :slight_smile:

Bonjour à tous.
Moi aussi Newsletter est revenu ce matin en espérant le recevoir tous les jours comme avant.

André. :slight_smile: A+. :

I didn’t get it again this morning. Is it not working again?

Pas de Newsletter ce matin :question:

sorry – fixed now. thanks!

désolé – fixent maintenant. merci!

Merci. :smiley:

Ce matin pas de newsletter :question:

désolé nouveau…d’accord maintenant?