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Average total aircrafts on piaware receiver

Being quite new the FlightAware family, just wondering what people’s total average of aircrafts being seen during the day.

I know it depends on the set up!

Today I’ve noticed I’m receiving a total of 285 aircrafts with 211 positions with a range of over 200NM.

Just using a pro stick, westflex 103 coax cable and homemade 1/4wave over 1/2wave vertical mounted just above the apex of house.

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That’s a nice lot of aircraft, looking at your stats page, you’re seeing a decent amount. I wonder how close to Heathrow you are and how much ground traffic you see.

I look after three receivers and at 13:01 (when you wrote that), my receiver in the loft was showing 232 aircraft with 167 positions. The MTG receiver was showing 326 / 261 and my main receiver was showing 367 / 303. It’s all about location and I’m very well located for traffic.

I’m also a hamradioguy, as are a lot of us on here. You might find this and this (which are both pages on my blog) interesting.

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… and location.

Lookup your Stats Page, scroll to the bottom and see how you are doing compared to “your” nearby sites.
(it says you are doing pretty well)

Thanks for the replies gents!

WOW Keith you see loads of A/C’s!

I’m very close to Heathrow so do see quite abit on the ground A/C’s. I would like to ask my boss to allow me to place a receiver airside but I dont’t think it would go down well!

As I bought the receiver only, I made this to get me going it’s quite high Q and measuring it on a procom analyzer its 1.0:1 at 1090MHz

LHR coverage on the ground this evening:LHR


Interesting aerial. Seems a performer.
Can we know dimensions?

  • upper wire length
  • lower wire length
  • coil dia, coil length, number of turns
  • radials length