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Automated Installation of AcarSDeco2 on RPi

(1) Easy Installation - Just copy-paste one command to run bash script and it does everything.

(2) Automatic start - systemd service automatically starts it at boot/reboot.

(3) Easy monitoring & control - Provides commands systemctl status, systemctl stop, systemctl start, and systemctl restart.

(4) Easy configuration - Provides a separate config file in simple format, each config item on a separate line, starting with --

(5) Blacklisting of rtl-sdr - The installation script creates a file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl-sdr.conf with required blacklist entries, preventing error: failed to connect/open rtl-sdr device.


AcarSDeco2: https://github.com/abcd567a/ad2/blob/master/README.md



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Thank you very much for compiling these easy scripts. The included in ad2.conf info can be expanded a bit for anyone using it in the United States.
Here is what I have;
–freq 131875000
–freq 131725000
–freq 131550000
–freq 131550000
–freq 131125000
–freq 131425000

I can say for these frequencies I actually used the same RTL-SDR V3 on HDSDR and set the frequency to 131.55 and watch the waterfall for any ACARS Signals and these I have found that are in use around the Texas area. (Central Texas). I actually took note for about 30 minutes of what frequencies I had seen that had a good amount of ACARS traffic.


(1) For sake of keeping config file ad2.conf simple, I have listed only following two frequencies, leaving it to user to add frequencies pertaining to his location:

  • 131550000 Primary Channel worldwide
  • 131725000 Primary Channel in Europe

(2) On Raspbian Buster, I faced “error: cannot open / connect rtl-sdr”. I modified installation script, and it now creates blacklist file shown below. On installation made using the updated script, the error does not appear.

cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl-sdr.conf 

blacklist rtl2832
blacklist dvb_usb_rtl28xxu
blacklist dvb_usb_v2,rtl2832

There is a freeware program called Display launcher which is a good logging program that is windows based that reads the logfiles and makes some sense of them.With ACARSDECO2 on a Raspberry Pi I wonder if there is a way to write the logfile across the domain from my raspberry pi to a folder on my windows computer?