Autolanding in Flight Simulator 2004


Anybody know how to auto land and airplane in FS 2004. I know about the frequencies and the localizers, but not the autolandings. :confused:

any help would be great !!


I may get lynched for this, but oh well.

This question is better answered over in the actual FS9 forums on the Microsoft website.


Though I agree with Pika, I will offer a word of advice on autolanding in the game called Flight Simulator:

Don’t touch the controls. When you run out of fuel, you’ll automatically land. Maybe not in one piece but you will land. That just proves one thing that as ALWAYS been true in aviation: All aircraft that take off always return to the earth.


That takes all of the fun out of it! I do know that you have to fly certain airplanes that have the feature (kind’a like flying a Cessna 152 and retracting the landing gear - if the plane doesn’t have the feature, then it doesn’t work). Google and the flight sim forums would be a better bet for an answer than FlightAware.


In older versions of FlightSim you just had to press the “x” key. That’s it.


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