Auburn flight to BCS: DL 747?

I was just watching the Orange Bowl, and they showed the Auburn team deplaning to get ready for the really big game. It was a DL 747, which kinda surprised me because that’s a lot of capacity, but maybe they had the band etc. on board. Also, it was out of ATL, so did they have to take a bus there? You would think that there might have been a closer airport that could handle a 747.

Montgomery (KMGM) is the closest “decent” airport to Auburn. However, they have a 500,000 lb limit on 747’s there and not much room to move.
I guess they’d rather bus it to ATL instead of, say, Birmingham.

Auburn frequently uses CSG. But a 747 at CSG … not a good idea. To my knowledge that has only happened once, and that was many many years ago. Thus, it seems logical to use ATL. Auburn to the ATL Airport is a short 90-minute ride up I-85.

for all prosperity: … /KATL/KPHX

LOL, look at the flight track … it left ATL and flew right back down to Auburn (approximately) before turning west.

The guys on this thread (I know it’s a Bama thread) claim that they had Delta change the flight path to fly over Auburn. What’s the point, I mean you might be able to recognize the stadium and the airport but it just seems silly if it’s true. Here’s the thread: … silly.html

Is there a way to find out what the altitude was when they went over Auburn? If they were able to do it at a few 1000 feet, that might have been interesting for both passengers and folks on the ground.

Does anybody know the tail number?


Thanks. But I just used FlightAware to track the flights on the plane, and it says the last flight was over week ago. Why would that be?

Don’t know but I check it with this ACARS tracker and that is what came up, … cmpid=yhoo

We don’t always get tail numbers for charter flights.

There’s no dip in the altitude graph until the final descent, so passing over Auburn was at 38-40k feet.


If only they would paint a 747 like this. :wink:

Dear lord. Typical Bama fans whining and moaning.

This pic confirms it was N667US (ship 6307 is N667US) … 324460700/ … 1792765/L/