attaching pics to forum posts


how do I add a pic to my clever posts?



Read the Discussion FAQ to learn how to attach pictures. The link is at the top of every forum page.


It’s under “Formatting and Topic Types” and is labled "Can I post Images?"
The html code is messed up though and clicking on any item in the FAQ’s bring you to the discussion board “home” page instead of snapping down to the relevant topic below. All you have to do is scroll down to find it.
You can use file hosting websites like to upload your photos and link to them.


The problem could be that you specified “clever” posts. If you wish to post pictures in a “clever” post, you must first have a “clever” post in which to put the image.

Please be sure that all posts you desire to post images in are indeed clever!



well I sure hope this is clever enuff! I shall now attempt to attach a pic of my brother the netjets pilot!


Uh oh, attempt failed. :wink:


Looks like it needs to be a little bit more clever… :laughing:

You need to have the URL (Internet address) of the photo/image file in between the “”%20and%20the%20"".

For instance:
To post the photo below, you can type the following as it appears in green below where it says “Code:”

Then there’s the old “Baron 232-Zulu in the simulator window” gag posted by JHEM…


“Columbia 409 - The Baron is at twelve o’clock.”


If you’re not sure if it will show up correctly, I’d advise clicking “Preview” before you hit “Submit,” or you’ll open yourself to a field day of (good-natured) chiding.


so, are you telling me that I have to have my pictures at a website to put them up? I have them on my computer…dont have a webpage. Dont understand why I cant just upload them to flightaware along with my (not all that clever) text! Roger your tip on using PREVIEW! I am fairly internet savy but this is baffling me.


Yes that’s what we’re telling you. Again.
or any other photo/file hosting website.


It’s because the forum is set up to accept pictures - only links to pictures.


Because the Forum in particular, and FlightAware in general, isn’t interested in hosting hundreds of MBs of photos on their servers.

That’s what Photobucket, Flickr, etc. are for.

Upload the photo to one of the sharing sites and then either post the photo’s URL link in the text of your message or embed it using the Photo%20URL tags.


ok roger that I’ll go with flickr I reckon. Flightaware IS a great site, and I dont mind uploading to flickr if it keeps flight from bogging down.
thanks for the tips!






On photobucket you can select the upload size from 100x75 to 1024x768
From La Guardia today:



From somewhere last week:


oooooooooo pretty… :open_mouth: