ATP requirments


I am a Lear Captain and my first officer is already PIC typed in the Lear she has passed her written and now meets her time requirments, what is now needed for her to get her ATP. I have heard two different stories one is since she has already passed a PIC type ride she just need to file the correct paperwork with the FAA to get her ATP. Another is that she still needs to have an ATP check ride


Does … tpreqs.php help any?



She will absolutely have to take an ATP checkride, and in addition, for a type rating to carry over from another certificate, the ATP ride must be conducted in the same TYPE of aircraft as that of the type rating already held. In other words, do the ride in the Lear, or she won’t have ATP privileges in the Lear. Part 61.151 to .167 covers this, but doesn’t spell out this particular situation.



Not exactly trafly…It just has to be the same category and class, not type.

61.157(d) Upgrading type ratings. Any type rating(s) on the pilot certificate of an applicant who successfully completes an airline transport pilot practical test shall be included on the airline transport pilot certificate with the privileges and limitations of the airline transport pilot certificate, provided the applicant passes the practical test in the same category and class of aircraft for which the applicant holds the type rating(s). However, if a type rating for that category and class of aircraft on the superseded pilot certificate is limited to VFR, that limitation shall be carried forward to the person’s airline transport pilot certificate level.

This is correct… Since she has passed the ATP written, the easiest thing to do is take the ATP practical during the next recurrent training event on the Lear, or as allowed by 61.157(d) a type ride in another aircraft, which ever occurs first.


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Isn’t it funny how we don’t miss the Part 135 stuff? I could have sworn that i read that somewhere, or maybe a misguided D.E. told me…oh well.


Probably some Kingdom’s…errrr…FSDO’s interpretation of the regs.



I had an interesting encounter with the OKC Kingdom’s interpretation of the regs lately. Those FSDO guys are a fantastic bunch. :unamused:

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Actually, that is shocking – seriously. I used to run a charter operation in OKC, and the FSDO guys there were great and easy to work with. Without naming anyone, what was the issue?




The issue was a low approach approved by a temporary tower before an airshow. :wink: Good times!