Atlanta Intl. Airport Spotting


This spring, I will be headed to Cancun, Mexico. One of my connections is in Atlanta. I will have a 2.5 hour layover. In that time I plan on taking some photographs from inside the terminal.

I will be most likely in the Airtran terminal because that’s who im flying.

I’ve never been to Atlanta before, so I was wondering if the kind users of FlightAware could give some information.

Whats the security like? Do they mind you taking photos? What’s the view like from the terminal windows facing all the action?



to see any runways from the Airtran concourse at ATL you will have to walk to either end. There is very little that you can see there as the ends themselves usually don’t have windows and most of the runway action you can see is partially obscured by parked aircraft or jetways.


Oh I see. Thanks for the info!


Having just spent some time sitting at gate D2 in ATL, I can say you can see quite a bit from the end of the concourse, and the south wall is almost all glass.


I’ll be on a 2.5 hour layoff so i’m sure I’llfigure the place out. I’ve been planning on going to Atlanta sometime soon, but I found a nice deal to Cancun for 6 days. Couldn’t resist.


this is a pretty good place


I am sitting in ATL waiting on a flight right now. As well mentioned above any view of a runway will have to be at either end of the concourse. You can take the tram to the other terminals. However the same applies, you will have to hike to one end of the concourse or the other. Your 2:5 hour wait in ATL will still be more enjoyable than the ride from Cancun airport to the hotel zone. Only advice is to pack snacks and get the Airtran $69 upgrade to Cancun - your legs will appreciate it. Enjoy your trip.


Does anyone have a photo of the old open air deck, which I believe was v-shaped? On the left as you were going out would be Northwest, United and TWA, and on the right, Southern and Piedmont. I think Eastern had all of the western end of the airport and Delta had the eastern end, in a “modernistic” 60s architecture – two or three pods of departure gates, as I recall.


Here is a nice website with plenty of pictures of the old terminal:

Ah, the good old days :slight_smile:


Wow, THANKS, ukguy. It took hours to go through all those photos. Good stuff!! Thanks!!!


Thanks again for all the information everyone! I just got home from my trip, and I got a few good photos from the end of Terminal C (at the gate C1 & C2 side)


What did you think of the Cancun Airport (and of Cancun, for that matter?)


They’re currently doing construction on the Cancun Airport, as in upgrading it. There’s not a lot of windows, so it’s almost impossible to take photos inside the terminal. I actually stayed in Playa del Carmen. Very nice city. The weather was perfect, and the water was an indescribable blue. :smiley: