ATC test … index.html is a cool ATC test covering ground ops to pushing tin.

I didn’t do too bad but you wouldn’t want me behind the mic either :smiley:

I tried taking the quiz but it was in german or something like that?

Me to?

:frowning: I think I’ll just stick to Flight tracking. And looking at pictures.

That’s quite odd… The quiz is in German, but yet the other simulator tests are in English (pushing tin, left and right and the like.

in pushing tin i just put all 5 planes in a patern around the screen, but it never added more than 5 planes. too bad it could have been fun to have a dozen or so planes, in the air.

still alot of fun

Great find Allen. Very fun! Also gives an elementary reminder of what those at ATC have going on, especially the vectoring one, it just kept adding aircraft.

That was fun! It was hard only having a touchpad on my laptop and no mouse. Cool! Thanks.

There is a great iPhone app called “Flight Control” that is similar to the Pushing Tin game in the link.

I’ve had up to 8 planes on my scope at one time. Very intense!

Also another one called “Airport Mania” where you have to manage 2 to 3 runways with incoming arrivals and departures. It has two or three gates along with a maintenance hangar and gas station for fueling planes to jockey the planes to. Game makes you think ahead on what runway to assign for departures and arrivals as well as assigning gates to a particular color of plane (airliner?)

I am happy with the free version that has about 5 levels and last quite some time in playing time (10 minutes to complete all levels in the lite version) compared to some apps.

Airport Mania is a GREAT app!! Getting those planes in and out, adding different amenities to the airport (holding spots, new gates, improving the gates, VIP spots, etc.) getting the planes down, turned around, repaired, filled up with fuel… it’s really great. The background music in it is kinda cute too. Definitely well worth it.


I like “pushing tin”! Thank you.

Found a cool Itouch app along the lines of this ATC test.

Called airline conqueror where you direct various planes from departure to destination by tracing their flight path with your finger. Thus far, four speeds of airplanes from a blimp to what looks like a concord, small and large jets.

Been keeping me busy for hours on end. Highest landing I have had was 94 planes.

One caveat to beware of. The area where the ad shows up over Mexico, if a plane flies under the ad, and you try to steer it, it bounces you out of the game and into the apps store. Quite aggravating at first but easy to learn to route them above the ad.

Try “ATC 4.0” It actually has two ways to direct traffic now. The original was by waypoints (no more than 3 at one time per aircraft), then they released an update that was “draw a line”. Winds are fun. 49 levels.

Damn You Allen. Already addicted… :smiley:

Sheeez…I don’t want to talk about how I “pushed tin” !

HAHAHA! I’ve got purty good. :wink: