ATC offer advice to offer delays


their avoid delays website it simply

For example they suggest that if you are flying out of SFO you should
select flights that depart before 0930 if you leaving SFO in the morning.
If you are flying in the afternoon they suggest you select a flight with
a departure between 1400-1700 (2 pm and 5 pm). Using Southwest’s upcoming launch of 18 departures, Southwest has 4 of 8 to San Diego
that follow the above suggestions, 3 of 7 to Las Vegas, and 2 of 3 to Midway.


I find it funny they have no tips on avoiding delays in & out of ORD. :laughing:


its simple avoid the ORDeal :laughing:


Good one jgona! :slight_smile:


Actually, if you read the MDW section they make mention of ORD and why not to fly through it.