Asian flight plans


I use Flight Aware for FSX flight plans. All the US flight plans are published between cities but I do not see plans published between Asian cities. Ex. Bangkok, Singapor, Bangladesh. Is this normal not to have the exact plans( for FMC input) available for viewing. Thanks.


Read the FAQ’s under “About FlightAware” on the left.


Okay so what you are saying it is that Asian flights are secondary service area so routes are often not available. Could of made it easier and just said that in your reply Thanks


And yet, the answer was there in the FAQ prior to you asking the question…


You can skip the sarcasm. Next time just do not reply if you cannot do it courteously. I guess it makes you feel better. Sorry but I figured there was no harm in asking for a quick answer.


Others have criticized me for this but I’m a firm believer in people trying to find the information for themselves first before asking the question. In other words, many sites have FAQ’s to answer FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS such as yours.

In fact, one of the first places I go to when I discover a new site is the FAQ’s. It makes using the site better.

And, yes, I did answer your question. Just because you had to do an extra step doesn’t mean I should have made it easier for you.


OK so you don’t answer forum questions to help people, you do it to teach them a lesson and chastise them. Sorry we can’t all be as efficient as you. Still however you answered my question. I guess I should say “Thanks” and it won’t happen again.


There was no sarcasm in his response and it was certainly quick, succinct and courteous.

What makes you think we’re here to answer questions that have been asked over and over again to the point that they have been included in the FAQs?

The only discourtesy shown here has been yours.


I’m ready to drop this . Again I thank him but why did he respond to me that he has been criticized about this in the past? Maybe it is a trend. Why are you know jumping on me? I notice the amount of post you both have. You both must very experienced by the use of this site and the responses you have replied to but there is no need to have a pompous attitude towards others. Yes from now on I shall look at FAQ’s first but it could have been conveyed in a nicer fashion. That’s all I am saying. Be forgiving of others.


And yet you haven’t been able to. You have GOT to be a female of the species.

This is what David wrote in response to your initial question:

I fail to see how this message can be construed as “not nice”.

But on behalf of all the regular posters here on the FA Forums, let me be the first to apologize for all the insults you imagine have been directed at you and we forgive you for being obstreperously obtuse.


There you again with the deprecating words. Like I said if you makes you feel better so be it.