Arrow Air files for Ch 11


Arrow Air has suspended operations and filed for Chapter 11 protection. It;s a sad day for all aviation enthusiasts in South Florida. Arrow Air’s green DC-10s and B-757 were a great sight to see. Many would also remember them operation DC-8s until not too long ago. It is not likely that the company will survive this event.


One more chance to see them flying…ferry flight for one of their DC-10s from KMIA to KPF, about 10 miles away scheduled at 1000 feet


I don’t know much about Opa-Locka. Is that a plane storage airport like, say, Marana (IIRC)? It’s just interesting seeing a huge cargo plane have an estimated flight time of 1 minute or so.

Regardless, despite unusual colors, I liked their planes.


OPF isn’t a “boneyard” like MZJ or MHV - it isn’t nearly as large and doesn’t have a climate conducive to long term storage, but there are quite a few old aircraft sitting around there. Also, a lot of aircraft are broken up there.


There is a fair amount of aircraft in storage there near the end of the old 12L/30R runway (check the overhead shot on FA’s airport page). I suspect the rent is a lot less there then at MIA so someone (lawyer?) decided to relocate it until the proceedings can be completed…

For those who don’t know, the site use to be two adjacent airfields each with three sets of matching (but offset) runways (Photo from the mid-1940s).

The only original runway remaining active is 12/30 (old 12R/30L). The old 18R/36L was being used as a taxiway, but the current diagram from AOPA shows it now as completely abandoned with a temporary TWR on it, and 18L/36R was obliterated (taxiway B follows its path)… Both 9/27 runways were relocated and lengthened so that none of the runways intersect.

Must have been an interesting place in the 1940s when it was a military airfield…