Arrivals using Airport Code

I’ve used schedule to successfully list all planes that are scheduled to depart from an specific airport lets say WSSS.

I’m trying hard to do the same for arrivals. wondering, how to get list of all flights that are scheduled for arrival to a specific airport lets say WSSS.

So far, I’ve used Enroute to specific destination but enroute only shows planes that are already on air.

refer to link . this link shows planes that are enroute AND scheduled for arrival a specific destination.

Appreciate your assistance.

Use the Arrived function … op_Arrived

appreciate your reply.
Arrived only gets list of flights that has landed already.
I’m looking for flights that are not on air, but scheduled for ARRIVAL to a specific airport.


You would use both arrived and enroute. In addition you might use airlineflightschedules for a more forward looking list.