Arrivals not showing up


I’ve noticed many arrivals are not showing up on the arrival history for KSTC. They initially show up on the airport page under arrivals, but don’t make it to the history. Departures seem to be fine. This has been going on for a while, but seems to be worse now. It is hard to look up planes that have arrived in the past day or two unless I have a specific tail number first.


Can you give specific examples?


Yes, today I noticed 505CF, 761T, 200NC, N701 all did this


I see what you mean. I wonder how many of them are actually landing at KSTC. I notice that at least one of them did NOT. N701 landed at KFCM which is nearby.

I also notice that the ILS at KFCM is out today (13th). If the ILS was out during these other flights, it would not be at all unusual to file a flight plan to KSTC when they actually wanted to go to KFCM, and then cancel IFR during the approach if it were clear and go to the ACTUAL intended airport VFR. Obviously I don’t know who actually showed up at either airport.

I also notice that KFCM is fairly busy but does not shwo the other flights you mentioned arriving, so it is possible that they landed there VFR after cancelling the plan to KSTC. I also see several flights departing with and IFR plan on file, but not showing an arrival time, which proababy means the plans were not activated, which might mean they departed VFR with the IFR plan on file as a backup.

Just some guesses.


N701 flew from FCM to STC early in the morning, then must have gone VFR to FFM. Later in the day it came back to STC and eventually to FCM (which is about 50 nm and has an enroute time of 0:05??) Maybe it diverted? All that info pops up when you type in the tail #, but doesn’t show up on the arrivals page for St. Cloud.

That one probably isn’t the best example.

If you click on arrivals and then departures for STC, you will see there is a big difference between the two. Many of the departing planes didn’t show up as “arrivals,” but if you look at the specific plane’s history - it shows the flight info to STC.

I hope that isn’t too confusing.


Here is another example: N574M on Wednesday 4/12

It shows up on the departure list twice and on the arrival list only once. they usually stop here in the morning, drop pax off and return later in the day to pick them up.


No offense, but we get the point…


sorry, I just didn’t know how clear it was
It’s not a huge problem, just something I have noticed. that’s all


It looks like a local ATC oddity. We’re getting cancellations for those flights instead of arrival messages.