Arrival graph errors for JFK and MIA


MIA and JFK for the past 2 weeks the arrival operation graph is off you can really notice it when you look at the monthly graph.Most of the time between 30 to 40 airplanes would arrive in a given hour and the graph would show the planes coming in between 15-20 for that same hour sometimes lower.This was the case for a very long time before the upgrades in March happened but for the past 2 weeks its back to the way it was before the upgrades.


I received your private message and we’re going to look at it.


It is still doing it if you look at the graph that displays the months activity for MIA the departures out number the arrivals by a third every day which is incorrect.


And the beat goes on,its makes MIA’s traffic resemble RDU,TPA, or BWI.


Seems to be working normally sine yesterday afternoon as far as MIA is concerned.


They were changed yesterday.