Arrival/Departure Hall Live Streaming



I am a Fine Arts student currently studying at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia and am interested to find out if there are any web cams that feature internal views of Airport Arrival/Departure or Transit Lounges. I am a Painting Major and the subject of my enquiry is the transiting of people through these spaces. Can you direct me to any links.

Thanks CJ Liaubon.


My initial response would be to say probably not. I haven’t heard of anything like that, and I think quite a few people would balk at the idea. My reasoning behind that would be that it may be considered a security issue with discerning movements, schedules and the like(all of which can be done just by sitting in the airport, but you know how people toss that out).

While not exactly the same setting, if your looking for the mass herds of people maybe a mall would have something like that. I remember hearing that the Mall of America had a webcam of some sorts.


There are a multitude of airport Webcams around the world. The ones I have seen are usually aimed at the runway or somewhere on the ramp. Can’t say I’ve seen any showing inside the terminal, but there might be a few out there. I did a cursory search, but came up empty-handed. If you search a little more diligently than I, you might get lucky and find something. Just “google” airport webcam and you’ll get pages and pages of links. Good luck…