Armchair Balloon Flight


Kent Couch succeeds in his quest to fly his cluster of balloons attached to a lawn chair from Oregon to Idaho.

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The question of why anyone would want to travel to Idaho by any means remains unanswered. :wink:


It appears you haven’t been to Idaho. I’ve visited North Idaho several times. It is beautiful up there. Beautiful mountains, lakes, streams, and friendly people.


I want to move to Idaho.


This guy did it in 1982. His flight became the basis of one of the three acts of a musical called 3hree.
Here’s an excerpt from the above review:

…with The Flight of the Lawnchair Man. The lawnchair of the title belongs to Jerry, a loveable nebbish from Passaic, who has never really amounted to anything. All that changes when he ties hundreds of helium balloons to his lawnchair, in an attempt to take flight over New Jersey.

The tone of the piece is set even before the first number begins, during the pre-show pause, when we see some of the actors in their costumes. The costumes are bright and colorful, helping to plant this show in a fantasy suburbia even before the curtain rises on Jerry’s perfect white picket fence. Harold Prince directed this piece, and the sure hand of an experienced and visionary director is unmistakable. There is a confidence to Flight of the Lawnchair Man that allows it walk to the edge of total cornball hilarity without ever losing its heart.

Jerry does take flight in his lawnchair, and the small triumph of a single man achieving flight takes on a different dimension when he flies higher than anticipated, an airline pilot spots him, and the FAA orders him back to the ground. Jerry must decide whether to bow to authority and cut short his flight, or continue the journey he’d always dreamt of. Jerry gets a little light-headed, and in his delirium, he imagines he sees the ghosts of famous aviators of the past, who each pop on and sing a song to help him make his decision.