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Are local FlightFeeder SkyAware results filtered/delayed?

When I look at the local interface and display of my FlightFeeder via the local FlightFeeder SkyAware link, are the results delayed and filtered like they are for a regular FlightAware view, or am I seeing the raw, real-time, feed?

No, it is not filtered. You will see all aircraft which are equipped with the appropriate equipment and in range of your receiver

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Thanks for the quick reply, foxhunter!

Minus anonymized MLAT results.


Just to clarity, MLAT is not local data (though it is derived from local data), it’s data returned from FlightAware. If, for example, there was a connection problem to the FA servers then there would be no mlat data to display at all.

Everything else is purely local data that you’re seeing directly from the receiver.

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