Apr 11ths SWA 185 Not a good time


This flight is scheduled as follows all times EDT

Leave PVD at 4:05 PM

Arrive PHL at 5 :30 PM

Leave PHL at 6:00 PM

Arrive LAX at 12:05 AM (4/12)

Leave LAX at 12:30 AM

Arrive SMF at 1:45 AM

It actually performed as follows: Wheels up PVD 7:18 PM, Wheels down
PHL 8:06 PM, Wheels up PHL 9:08 PM, wheels down STL (after diversion)
at 11:04 PM, wheels up STL at 11:45 PM, wheels down LAX 3:42 AM, wheels up LAX 4:24 AM and wheels down SMF 5:19 AM. Any idea what happened to this flight? If you booked the cheap (internet sale) fare on any of the segments would you have any recourse?


SWA was having problems flying this pair

SWA 141 wheels up 72 mins after sch.
SWA 278 wheels up 38 mins after sch.
SWA 1721 wheels up 69 mins after sch.


I’m sure that will make “Airline”