API/XML Wordpress integration (daily flight schedule)



Unfortunately I am not that formiliar with connecting to API’s and importing JSON files into a Wordpress CMS. I tried connecting to the API and importing data into a post using https://json-content-importer.com/ but this didn’t work out.

I was wondering if someone figured this out. I would like to show the daily arrivals and departures from an Airport. I am happy to pay a appropriate compensation for the help.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Are you sure that plugin allows HTTP Authorization headers to be supplied when doing the request? That is the most likely reason it is not working.

For example, the following URL should retrieve the recently arrived flights for the specified airport.

flightxml.flightaware.com/json/ … rport=KAUS


Hello. Were you able to get this completed? I am looking for the exact solution. Thanks!!


Unfortunately we are not going to be working on an integration as there are examples about how to connect to the API and retrieve the data you are looking for.