Anything Fun to do in Milan?


Im going to Milan tommorow and was looking for anything fun to do so i thought i would ask the travel experts what i should do? thanks


In Milan? Eat and shop!


There’s an old saying about ‘when in Rome’. I assume it applies to Milan as well.


Having been to Milan 3 times (quite a few years ago), I’d take a page from Wazzu, GO to Rome. It’s not that far of a trip. Although the calamari is fantastic.


The nightlife in Milan is pretty lively, good jazz clubs. Dance clubs are also very popular there. There is a beautiful church worth seeing in Milan, I think it was called the Duomo Santa Maria. One of the most famous attractions in Milan is Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting, which covers the entire wall of a church. If you read the Da Vinci Code, you can look for Mary Magdelene seated next to Jesus.


You’re no doubt there already, but I like to find a nice outdoor cafe…there’s one on every block, and watch the girls go by. On the other hand I haven’t seen the weather report for today. I was supposed to go from Istanbul to Rome yesterday but that part of the trip canceled so I’m back in Jeddah. :angry:



well having already been to florence and rome last spring break, id like to stay in Milan. We saw the Duomo today and went to the roof. Anyone know a good restaurant? Anything else anyone can think of where to go? Grazie y thanks


I think that the best restaurant in Milan (maybe Italy ) is Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia. Not cheap, but amazing. Less expensive, but still very good is Trattoria Bagutta.




Thanks, i think we will go to the Trattoria Bagutta CAFlier, its close to the via montenapoloene right?