Anything different about experimental aircraft track info?

I’ve used flightaware for years tracking my Mooney; however, I recently bought an experimental aircraft and while the flight strips show up, there are no graphics of the track for this experimental aircraft.

The Mooney usually, but not always is on an IFR flight plan, but even when I just get flight following, it usually displays just fine. The last four flights (VFR with flight following) in the experimental (N653J) showed no track info.

What’s up?

The FAA never intended to support VFR FF in the feed we get from them, but sometimes you get lucky and it works. They’ve made some changes lately, notably August 22, that make VFR FF less reliable in our feed.

That said, I see tracks for all 4 of your most recent flights.

Ah, so!

I did notice that there was track info. I couldn’t understand why there was no graphic.