Anyone with living experience in Dubai?


My brother called yesterday and we were discussing the possibility of moving to Dubai and working in the aviation industry. They pay FO’s 6K per month tax free, and give you living allowances and free car loans. They also have very good medical and investment accounts.

I looked up some information on Dubai and the city has been rated the “Worlds Safest” for the last 4 years by Interpol. They also claim that 1 in every 67 people are millionaires! I would imagine that if you could find jobs in the private sector over there you would be really well paid.

Has anyone on here tried this route?


Every time Air .Inc has their job fairs there is one or two companies from Dubai there. They all have a lot of good things to say about living there, it seems to be an extremely nice desert. You just have to get used to living in an area of the world that is volitile politically and socially.


If you will send me an email I will provide you with a close friend who living there now. Works for a huge hospital…American operated and he will be able to provide you with good info.