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Anyone put a PI on a drone with a dongle just for testing?

Why use the hotspot and not connecting directly to the house router via WiFi? Should be in range…

If not in range, use a wifi extender.

Haha, or he can leave the WiFi hotspot on the ground, don’t know why it needs to be in the drone, next to the Pi. WiFi range should be bigger than 500 ft in open air (no walls).

It dropped connection around 250 feet when connected to a house wifi.

Still that’s with the router behind walls i assume.

Just having the HotSpot on the ground somewhere should be sufficient.
The antennas of the Hotspot should be horizontal and 90 degrees to each other if it has two.

Well, we’ll find out, wont we.

The Verizon jetpack range is about 100 feet. It isn’t a normal router with external antennas.

Features & details

  • Expand and improve your Wi-Fi range up to 10,000 square feet with High-Powered 700mW amplifiers.

10,000 sq ft = pi x square of radius
Radius in ft = square-root of (10,000/pi) = 57 feet :frowning:

My router in the living room, faces a big window. I can pick that one up from the end of the street. On 2.4GHz that is, the 5GHz doesn’t reach that far.
Walls really attenuate the 2.4GHz signals.

The Jetpack is facing a big window, the sky, and doesn’t reach that far. PM me your SSID and password, I’ll see if the PI can connect.


Funny. Get a bigger router :yum:

I’m running 2 WRT3200ACM linksys routers. I have one in my house and one in the shop. The hotspot is for camping and now PI-droning. lol

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  • 54Mbps High Power Wireless Access Point TL-WA5110G

  • 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE TL-WA5210G

Can be turned into a Ubiquiti Nanostation2 by flashing EEPROM. The communication range is about 20 km.
In russian - https://raxp2.blogspot.com/2015/03/tp-link-tl-wa5210g-ubiquiti-nanostation2.html

Я не читаю по русски

without photos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J1o7qFfq3s