Anyone know landing distance for A320?


I see one is scheduled to come to our airport (YQU) Grande Prairie, AB from Edmonton (YEG). Our longest runway is 6500 feet. And it is raining today.

I found it interesting because I can’t recall an A320 ever being here. I believe it is the Edmonton Oilers charter. They are having a training camp up here.


The quick consenses of several sources when googling “A320 Landing Distance” is it is a liitle less the 1500m (~4900ft) at MAX landing weight.

Many other factors apply of course…

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Details? I don’t see an A320 as arriving at, departing from, or scheduled to arrive or depart from YQU.

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Should be interesting.


Sorry. Scheduled out of YEG.

Flight ACA7040

Interesting the history for that flight # last shows it returning from Raleigh Durham Int’l during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Cool site.



That’s such a short flight that I doubt it will be anywhere near maximum gross weight so, yes, a 6500 foot long runway should be no problem. It will be interesting to see where it goes after YQU. It probably won’t go to far due to weight limitations.


I’m guessing it sits for a couple of days until the camp is over.


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The A320 was the Oilers charter and is sitting on the ramp in YQU.


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