Anybody Know What the Airline Cavei Avir Lemitanim is?


Saw this airline running a B742 into John F. Kennedy Airport in New York from Leige, Belgium. Wondering if anybody has any info on them? Flight number is 941 and the go by the callsign “Cal”.


Google is your friend:

Name: CAL Cargo Air Lines
Alias: Cavei Avir Lemitanim
Country: Israel
Base: Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion
Dates: 1976-
Description: Formed by El Al (49%) and a former IAI president to operate cargo flights (including during Sabbath day).

(From … 8623&luck= )


Using Torsten Hoff’s info, CAL Cargo Airlines has 2 747-200’s and ICL941 appears to arrive @ JFK around 2200 EDT and operates to JFK almost every Saturday (xxxxx6x).

Note the link to ICL941 is not a permalink.


Thanks for the information you guys. Just heard the plane while listening to audio at JFK and wondered what it was.