Any way to reduce Screen clutter?

I am now to this site and have been using live tracking for KSFO.

My question is:

With Oakland (KOAK) and San Jose (KSJC) so close to SFO, plus overflights, there is always much more ‘green’ traffic than ‘blue’ which overwhelms the SFO traffic.

Since I am only interested in the arriving and departing traffic for SFO, is there any way to eliminate all of the ‘green’ traffice in order to reduce the clutter and give a clearer picture of only the SFO trafffic.

This is a great site and along with LiveATC is awesome.

The mapping team is hard at work on this. Within the next few weeks you will be able to filter what’s shown on the maps by several different criteria, including the one you requested. Also we will be adding panning and zooming, as well as an “autozoom” function that will automatically zoom in closer on a selected airport if too many flights would otherwise be shown.

Also we will be making the aircraft imagery smaller in the small airport maps… a simple change that we think will make the maps easier to read when there are a lot of aircraft shown.

COOL! :open_mouth:

I will be looking forward to it.


Great site.

Karl’s posts are always very helpful and informative. He’s a great member of the FA team.

Karl, you can’t appreciate how much it contributes to the FA web site to have development staff so accessible in discussions about features coming online. Thanks for all your efforts.