Any Lear 60 leads in Northeast


Anyone have leads for a Lear 60 Captain in the Northeast or NYC area… Any help is appreciated… I have over 1400 hours in type.


LAAS Lear 60’s

FAA Registry

238 Lear 60’s on the register, click on registration number for registered address of owner/operator. Then enter registration on FlightAware Flight Tracker you can usually tell where the aircraft is based, from their past flights.

A note about pprune forums, read thru the posts, and you will come across Lear 60 pilots posts - read there profiles, and if it sounds interesting, email them directly for Lear 60 referrals.

pprune forum

N999LJ pprune forum

job posting pprune biz jets

Airline Pilot forums includes biz jets, and hiring forums.


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