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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

Well i got readsb sorted first minute of scan

I’m well happy hehehe

Yup… but we’ve come a long way towards recovery.

Hmmz, my new target is 90k, which should be achievable when I replace my antenna. At this moment #21 of the Dutch feeders.

Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 03-37-14 Feeder Statistics - FlightAware

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The seven day average says something different. I am mainly comparing from week to week as the traffic variation on single days is to large.

Today my received got the amount of aircraft from Tuesday already, and still a couple of hours to go.

Not in Europe. This system hasn’t changed at all and you can see by the aircraft count that we’ve got a long way to go.

It’ll be really interesting to see what happens when flights to the USA re-open in early November.

Yes, traffic is still significantly supressed from normal. On 31st August in 2019, Heathrow handled 654 arrivals and 656 departures. On the same day in 2021 they only handled 319 arrival and 322 departures. That’s only slightly up on the same day in 2020, so there’s a long way to go before things are back to pre-pandemic levels.

Trend is good for 2 days nice high
lets see if anything comes of it
6pm gmt picture

I would not expect a significant change. At least it will be compensated by the lower traffic volume of holiday trips

Eurocontrol recorded between 25 and 35% less traffic than on pre-pandemic days

Traffic looks like it has come a long way towards recovery from April, 2020 levels. That’s what I’m talking about. Considering how many commercial aircraft were decommissioned around the world… and the long lasting decrease in business travel culture, I think you won’t see 2019 traffic levels return for another 2, 3 or 5 years! Next summer will likely exceed this summer by a good chunk though.

Not really. That’s the traffic covered by my receiver over the last two years starting July 2019

LOL. That’s what I’m looking at. That green 2021 line is well above the red 2020 line. Traffic is well on it’s way to recovery, i.e. not decreasing by annual comparison at all. I expect the gap from 2019 levels to continue to decrease each year! Just takes time since so many flights and aircraft are still gone, but we are well on are way to recovery!

What is funny about that?

For sure it’s not decreasing, but we are still miles away from 2019 traffic.
It’s even less because there’s a partially compensation of private jets we haven’t seen before that much.

Here’s another one, provided by flightera.net

Source: Flight Statistics

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The 2021 traffic in Florida is already quite a bit higher than 2019. We are starting to come off the Summer doldrums with traffic picking up significantly. It looks like November through May will be very busy.

Tuesday is never a good day for traffic. Always the lowest here over my location and still miles away from 2019 numbers

I wouldn’t dare to call it an interesting Covid-19 trend but I got a message from the lab in my mailbox this morning that I tested highly positive yesterday and that I’m also highly contagious so 1090MHz offers no protection against Covid19 :wink:

I sincerely hope it’s a mild case. Were you vaccinated?

Yes twice with Pfizer and it only feels like a slight cold.
Today my smoke detector went off because I completely lost my sense of smell with this result:

My colleagues ordered this game for me to play during quarantine:


Hopefully it will be a very mild case. I was vaccinated twice with Moderna. I’m trying to get a booster, but so far (as of a couple of days ago) all the pharmacies I called - and my hospital, as well - only had Pfizer boosters and wouldn’t give me one. The US FDA has authorized mix and match boosters, so I hope I can get either a Moderna or Pfizer booster. A couple of months back I was very tired and lethargic for about a month. I never thought of getting tested - maybe a symptom of Covid that I wasn’t thinking clearly?

By the way, didn’t you set a timer on your oven? :thinking:

get well soon, oh and the Pizza ? extra crunchy :wink: :rofl:

Well, believe it or not but my oven has no timer so I normally use my nose as a timer.