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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

Hi @keithma , @Humpfrey

I’m curious: Is it a possible that the high “other” count is caused by somebody local to Suffolk3000 that is using a semi-pro drone or UAV, equipped with a lightweight transceiver (such as a Ping1090)?

I would have thought that if the range or power output is intentionally limited, such that other sites aren’t able to hear the transmissions, then perhaps reception would be classed as “other” for Suffolk3000 and not even on the radar for other folks.
I may be barking up the wrong tree, but it’s just a thought.

I doubt it, it’d have to be flying continually, 24/7 for that to happen. Also, I think the daily position count would be significantly higher.
Take yesterday (Wednesday) for example. 2,184 aircraft of which 865 were ‘other’ with 358,525 positions. Compare that to my figures, 2,020 aircraft of which just 67 were ‘other’ but I have 588,774 position reports, that’s over 200,000 more.

Hello @keithma , @hphillip
Suffolk3000 is fairly close to me.
I’ve been trying to get as many “others” as him as an experiment (Cabin fever).
Even on my not playing nicely “Bezerker” feed, yesterday I could only get to 2,086 aircraft including 679 “others” with 402,899 positions.
My highest rated “clean” feed was at 1,466 with 75 “others” and 383,966 positions.
Both are fed from the same, single antenna.

It is just after 1PM on a Friday afternoon in Melbourne AU.

Pre pandemic we would be starting to see the buildup of flights for people repositioning for the weekend with about 30 passenger flights and about 20 GA flights with lots of trainers doing circuits.

With the pandemic and our borders closed there is almost nothing

The one flight of interest is

which appears to be military and has flown from Salisbury and done a touch and go at Launceston and East Sale.

It appears to be a P8A Poseidon. 7CF9CF A47-005

Really nothing interesting now with Covid-19 and unlikely to be for many more months.



Never seen this since months. We are close to the volume we have during winter season

Following my stress testing
here is my tar’s live pics



Do you think your ‘other’ figures will drop back down again now?

I tried to reproduce the effect yesterday with little success :slight_smile:



More on topic - I’ve been back up to messages/second over the last couple of days, it’s not been like that for months.

There was a noticeable increase in commercial flights starting on Wednesday.

While we’re looking at others, it looks like @PCNOTT has a couple of feeders possibly co-sited, one of which has loads of them whereas the other is normal. Odd.

I spotted that one too.
MLAT not working on one feeder, that could cause it.

Or dropping loads of samples.

Yes at midnight they should but not sure what will be the norm yet

July 1st.

Several airlines started their new flight schedule

One of the main reasons for the increase:
Ryanair is back in business. Status as of 22:00 today, 117 airborne